Check it before you wreck it!

It’s ready!

Last night we worked into the early hours to sign off the design for our ‘Check it Before you Wreck it’ publication and place the order with our printer. We should have them at group by Monday 8th October. We’re just looking to cover costs so they will be available at only £1 each. It’s a pocket/purse sized notebook that should be carried with you at all times for 21 days.

‘Check it Before you Wreck it’ was titled by Debbie Schofield’s son, Jasper, after he encouraged Debbie to keep on tracking calories whilst on holiday in Ibiza this summer. We think its very cool!

What’s in the book?

There is some information regarding why we think its important to track calories, along with somewhere to jot down the times, foods/drinks and how many calories your consume daily.  Each book has enough content to last you three weeks. To be fair you should only need to do this once, but we know many who continue to do this daily as they actually see it as a very important component of their new lifestyle.

We have also included a section on ‘Process Goals’ as we believe that ‘Tracking Calories’ alongside sensible ‘Process Goals’ are the absolute key to your lifestyle transformation success.

Here’s are some screenshots of the new book.


Rick and Rachel x


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