Pop up Challenge! The Be Strong Perfect Week!

This week we’re asking you to try out our ‘pop up challenge’ which is the Be Strong perfect week plan. We’ll also be asking you to consider using up food from your kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer – here’s how it works!

The Perfect Week

We would like you all to start your perfect week on the morning after your group meets this week! Yes, we want you to totally trust us and take some really positive action. Not for us, but for you!

What do you have to do?

You will only consume your recommended Be Strong calories each day, along with exercise which you have pre planned.  You can find lots of helpful resources such as an exercise planner, meal planner, meal ideas, sample meal planners (which Rick and Rachel used to lose 16 stones), a really useful calorie reference guide and goal setting sheets in your resources section which you can access at this link.

I know what you’re thinking, if it was only that simple! We do fully understand that its not simple at all, especially if you cannot get motivated or focused for long enough to make an impact.

.. you will be the person that did something amazing – something that rich people cant buy, wars can’t win and dictators can’t demandRick Wilson

The good news is that our perfect week plan works because we break it down into smaller segments. So, to start we just ask you to complete a perfect day. Yes, that’s right – just one single perfect day! You can stretch to that can’t you? Of course you can!

Perfect Week Stages

  • Stage 1 – Complete 1 x perfect day – eat to your calories, move to your exercise plan
  • Stage 2 – Repeat x 2 – simply repeat day 1 by eating to your calories and moving to your exercise plan to complete 3 days
  • Stage 3 – Repeat stage 1 & stage 2 – this will take you to complete 6 x perfect days
  • Stage 4 – This is your Be Strong group day and is the one where you will come along, jump on the scales and see what impact you eating to your calories each day and moving to your exercise plan will achieve. You are guaranteed to eat to your calories and complete your 7th perfect day with the motivation that the high 5 on the scales will bring to you.

What else could a perfect week do for you?

You know what? The success you experience in this life changing week just may be what you need to start to believe you can be successful. You will fully understand that you can eat and drink amazing foods without resorting to starving yourself to lose weight, before binge eating and drinking your way back to where you started – and beyond.

The risk of failure is really greatly reduced as its a one day at a time plan. Each day, and every week, you have success is closer to being where you’re going. Eventually failure will become a thing of the past and people will look to you as the person that did something amazing – something that rich people cant buy, wars can’t win and dictators can’t demand. Motivation, commitment, dedication and sacrifice has no price ….but we are all capable of them.

Other things you may learn are that a perfect week isn’t all about being a goody two shoes. This week you may have something that you’ve been looking forward to, maybe a celebratory meal or drinks out.

Is this a reason not to start your perfect week? If it is we can guarantee that there will be something every week that gives you the excuse that you can’t try this and it will be just another thing you’ve avoided because its just easier not to do it.

In this case your perfect week looks like everybody else’s, except you have the bonus of a lovely meal to look forward to or maybe some social drinks out with friends. Remember, the rest of your week will be exactly the same as most of the others on this plan. This is how Rick and Rachel’s weeks have looked for such a lot of years.

Is ‘perfect’ the right word to describe this week?

Probably not. We don’t consider ourselves perfect, far from it – to us its a normal week now.

When we were both bigger people we would definitely describe a week like that as perfect. In fact, we’d have said it wasn’t achievable! But you know what, this is what we did and it’s how we both started to believe it was possible, and we haven’t done anything differently ever since. Each week we just take one day at a time and strive to be the best we can be on that day.

But looking back we’d still describe some of our weeks as perfect – they are the weeks where perfect could be linked to absolutely hitting our calories and exercise plan every single day with no blips. Or another perfect week could be where we managed to fit in that night out, or a rush of celebrations (sometimes they come along like buses!) but still managed to not let it completely derail us!

Have a go at the perfect week and let us know how it went next week.

Save Money on our Perfect Week Plan

kschneider2991 / Pixabay

Make your meals and money go further by using every last bit of the food you buy to create delicious dishes the whole family will love. By reducing the amount of food you throw away, the average family of 4 could save up to £60 per month!

  • 24 million slices of bread thrown away each day, the same weight as Wimbledon’s Centre Court roof.
  • 13 billion portions nof fruit and veg discarded each year = to 7 million peoples 5 per day for a year!
  • Every day in the UK we throw away the same weight in bananas as a blue whale = 140,000 KG
  • 420,000 tonnes of milk thrown away each year – the same weight as 30 Eiffel Towers!

The food you have left over in your fridge, freezer and cupboards will not be the food that you are addicted to like chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, cheese and crisps. You know why? Because you will have already eaten those! Try a perfect week sometime where you miss out a weekly shop and you just make meals to your calories using what you have in. Rick has just done a week and its had an incredible impact on his desire to graze and snack – he knows that the handy food you just pick up and put in your mouth just isn’t there so no wasted trips to the fridge every few minutes.

….try it!

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