Ordinary People – Extraordinary Achievements

What we know already

During the last 5 years we have met many remarkable people who have achieved amazing things. We know somebody who was a recluse, only leaving home to go to work and return at the end of each day, then the door was locked and she never ventured out again until it was time to go to work. She was so shy she would only smile, rather than speak. That same lady has transformed her life, lost stones in weight, has hundreds and hundreds of friends, is very loud, extremely fit and even has a new career working with semi naked men and women …offering sports massage!!

Do you think that happened overnight? Not at all, it was gradual, over a period of time, and she took small steps along the way. She evolved into who she is today, it wasn’t something she aspired to be. She unwrapped herself slowly to reveal what was hiding underneath the layers all along.

Have you ever wondered what you may find if you were to unwrap yourself?

What was her secret ingredient? In our opinion she developed a persistent character. Having persistence is one of the most important traits you must have to obtain incredible levels of success. So, how do we develop this characteristic that may be hiding itself within us – because we can assure you, its there somewhere!

Self Belief

Self-belief is confidence in your own abilities or judgment.

Sometimes we don’t have the confidence to believe we can be successful, it just seems too far in the distance so we keep ‘in motion’, rather than actually ‘taking action’. Staying in motion for you could mean that you’re heading in the right direction, you’ve got the gym membership, the kit, trainers, the recipe books but you’ve hardly been there and the takeaway still calls your name way too often.

You may be at the stage where you’re very determined and absolutely hell bent on success – but you’re not listening to good, reliable and simple advice. You’re doing it your way because you know how to lose weight far faster than ‘our way’. This is normal but its not smart at all. We can tell you what you’ll do, and what will happen. You will eat chicken, fish, broccoli (or kale as its cooler!) – and not much else. You will drink water (not enough) and black coffee. You will lose lots of weight the first week because your glycogen stores will be depleted. If you get rid of all of it by not consuming carbohydrates you may lose up to 10lbs in weight in the first week. That will be made up of 2lbs of glycogen and 8lbs of water which binds to it. You will not lose 10lbs of fat. This is important because starving yourself is not sustainable – don’t do it. You know how we know its not, even though you know ‘its worked’ in the past? You’re in a position where you have to do it again – think about it. All it will do is further crush your self belief that you can do this. because you can, you just have to be smart, and patient and take action!

Small adjustments can build and grow confidence to allow ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.<span class="su-quote-cite">Rick Wilson</span>

Take Action

to do something : to act in order to get a particular result

Having a plan to execute is definitely an important part of accomplishing any goal in life. Forget about the timing of it, there will always be something getting in the way. Just deal with these as part of your plan.

Nobody else is going to do this for you. It is up to you to take the initiative. You know lots of people now that have done similar to what you’re trying to achieve, its time to join them by actually executing your plan.

We want you to start today by writing down the 3 smallest changes you can make straight away.

  1. No more lifts – its the stairs all the way
  2. No more short trips in the car – I’m walking whatever the weather
  3. No more cheese, chips and butter – I’m trying to lose fat, I need to stop putting it into my body!

Next week we want you to do it again…

  1. Keep up with last weeks changes
  2. Visit https://mybestrong.com/plan-lose-weight/ and learn how many calories each day I need to eat to lose 1 to 2lbs each week
  3. Write down some meal ideas from https://mybestrong.com/meal-ideas/ based on those calories

The week after its the same again…

  1. Keep up with the first 2 weeks changes
  2. Keep a tick list of things to do each day – write it down on paper and tick off the ones you managed to do
    1. Take stairs (tick!)
    2. No short car trips – walk (tick!)
    3. Eat to my calories (tick!)
    4. No fat – I’m trying to lose it (tick!)
  3. Set yourself a goal – “I will become more active and healthy this month”
    1. I will walk up Pendle Hill (via the steps) every Sunday
    2. I will attend an extra Be Strong exercise session each week
    3. I will eat all of my calories each day but I will not exceed them

Never Give Up

It’s very very easy to give up. Only this week we had a member re-join and message us to plead for us to not let her give up again! It made us both very emotional.

We must accept that sometimes things don’t always go to plan. What we shouldn’t be doing is not having a plan at all.

  • How will you know how well you are doing if you don’t know precisely what you are supposed to be doing.
  • How will you know what you are actually giving up on?
    • Are you giving up on your plan or your dreams and aspirations.

If you have a plan we don’t believe that you will need to give up. Alongside that plan you will need to be highly motivated – write down a short story about how you currently feel, what you would like to feel and look like in the future and whats stopped you in the past from achieving it – its likely not the first time you’ve tried this. If it is you have a clean slate – use this as a huge positive to get it right the first time and make this a one way journey.

If it isn’t working for you and you’re struggling then examine your plan. Isolate the bits that you can do and the bits that you can’t. Replace the parts you’re struggling to do with a new plan. If its the food that you’re struggling with then being creative can help. Be open to learning about food, the filling wholesome foods that are economic in calories. Don’t waste calories if you’re struggling, make every single one count.

If you’re still struggling bring your plan to us – we can help you. If you haven’t got a plan to show us then you’re not struggling. You’ve just not started yet – think about that one!

You will need to make commitments, those you made earlier when we asked you to take action. You will then need to dedicate yourself to those new commitments for long enough for them to have an impact. If you are 25st then taking the stairs for 2 weeks is unlikely to make a difference. Taking the stairs for the rest of your life is.  Starving yourself for 3 weeks (good luck with that if you can manage that long!) will not make a difference. Eating all your calories but not exceeding them each day forever will.

Finally you will need to make sacrifices. We were addicted to some food items and they have never returned. Some have returned in moderation. You will have to stop doing the things which you know are reckless to what you are trying to achieve.

We hope that this has made sense – now go out there and reach for the stars, they really are in touching distance.

Rick and Rachel x

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