Not Losing Weight?

..lets investigate why

When the numbers aren’t quite heading in the right direction on the scales we need to investigate why that is.

This is what a BS Detective would ask: –

  • Have you set a goal? Is it clear? Can it be measured? Is it realistic? Does it set out the steps you need to put in place to achieve it? Does it state when you will achieve it by?
  • Do you know your daily calorie total to lose 1-2lbs per week?
    • When was it last updated?
    • How does that breakdown into different meals?
  • Have you created a meal planner – and have you been following it?
    • Have you been skipping any meals – or have you been eating extra ones?
    • Have you been keeping an eye on your portion sizes?
  • Have your meals been balanced, following the eatwell plate?
    • Can you tell me about the eatwell plate, what do you know?
  • Have your meals been balanced? Protein is your weight loss friend – fuller/longer, slows down digestion, burns calories digesting it, fuels fat burning and repairs/grows muscles
  • Have you been eating food which makes you feel guilty?
  • Have you been enjoying the meals you have been preparing? It’s the key to success.
  • Have you been drinking enough water?
  • Do you have a weekly exercise plan – and have you been following it?
    • What is on your weekly exercise plan, is it enough?
    • How many calories do you expect each exercise activity to burn?

In summary if you can answer these questions honestly, the answer is more than likely to be in there and the solution should be easy to achieve. Being in denial helps nobody, but more importantly it doesn’t help you.

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