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Tom Kerridge

There’s a lot of chatter about Tom Kerridge at the moment.

Tom is a TV Chef who lost 12 stones in weight over the last 4 years

Tom recognises there are ‘loads of diets out there and they have worked for someone, otherwise they wouldn’t exist’ but low-calorie diets work for a broad scope of people, and he followed NHS guidelines on weight loss himself — something he recommends for anyone starting out on a similar programme.

‘I went with the NHS guidelines, using their online calculator to work out my BMI [body mass index],’ he tells me, ‘It then calculates the calories you can have each day.

‘The challenge when I started was that recipes for low-calorie food were pretty poor. People apologise for being on a diet, but that comes from low-cal food that has nothing exciting about it. It becomes mind-numbing and you look at it and just think, “How can I stay on this for 12 weeks?”’ And that’s where Tom’s book comes in — the recipes look enticing whether you’re on a diet or not.

Rachel says, “Our book follows a similar style (currently on offer at only £2.50 in person at group!), we’re not Michelin star restaurant owners like Tom but there are loads of meal ideas in there, all with calories counted. We’ve already given you your calories per meal and everybody registered with us who weighs at group are sent updates calories by email every time. Come and take one at the next session, it could be the best £2.50 you will ever spend!”

Group Workouts

Lots and lots of exercise sessions are now conducted in classes or groups. Years ago there were rave inspired dance classes or manic spin classes and before that, there was hula hooping!!

The one thing these fitness fads have in common (aside from being fun) is that they’re done in a room with lots and lots of other people trying to do exactly the same thing, at the same time.

Rick says, “Working out in a group keeps you committed, you don’t want to be the first one to quit and walk off, not completing the exercise session. If you think when you’ve exercised alone, how many times did you cut it short, or not work as hard as you might. It may be hot and sweaty at Be Strong but it does the job every single week. We are yet to have anybody walk off from a session before its ended.

Working out with others naturally pushes you harder, this means you will hit your goals sooner. You’re more likely to actually turn up too as we’re very social, do you really want to miss out on a catch up with your friends? They do notice if you’re not there you know :) ”

Track what you eat

In 1963, the world was introduced to a ‘diet’ that is still around today – Weight Watchers.

50 plus years later and its still going strong, every member tracking what they eat in a habit that has quickly become second nature to members.

Keeping a food diary instantly increases your awareness of what, how much, and why you are eating. Food diaries also help people identify areas where they can make changes that will help them lose weight, they are brilliant for spotting opportunities to make improvements and we would encourage you to keep one for the first few weeks of your Be Strong journey. The act of writing down everything you eat and drink can also help you to reconsider consuming something that may be a poor choice.

What can I do to lose weight?

  1. MAKE TIME FOR YOU! You will need to show lots of Motivation, Dedication, Commitment and Sacrifice – this will take up more of your time so free some up!
  2. KEEP IT REAL! You will not lose weight at the same rate as others, everybody is different. A bigger person may lose more than a smaller person – it’s all relative. Every maintain, or small loss, is a step closer to your goal and the opposite direction to where you’ve been heading. Keep it in perspective.
  3. MOVE MORE! If you are inactive then WALK more, take the STAIRS, just get MOVING! If you’re already doing that then UP YOUR GAME! Walk FURTHER and FASTER, JOG upstairs. What exercise are you NOT doing that you COULD do? STOP making EXCUSES! Let the activity decide whether you can actually do it or not – don’t decide that you CAN’T from your sofa! Exercise will help you to lose weight, keep weight off and feel great!
  4. KNOW YOUR CALORIES! Eat BALANCED meals full of food that you love eating! If you don’t then you are WINGING IT! Cross all your fingers, toes and everything else that you will LOSE WEIGHT. Carry on JUST eating lean white meat, fish and salad leaves! Keep AVOIDING carbs and balanced meals! You will PUT BACK ON any weight you are LUCKY enough to lose! You WILL be back to a new weight management group because Be Strong, like all the others, didn’t work for you! ALL of our SUCCESSFUL members know their calories and EAT FOOD THEY LOVE – join them!
  5. GET ORGANISED! Throw out all the CRAP FOOD in your cupboards and give it to the FOOD BANK. Do it TODAY, otherwise you will just EAT IT ALL UP so it’s gone!! KNOW where to get balanced food ON THE GO! Don’t use being OUT OF ROUTINE as an EXCUSE!

If you follow this very honest advice, then you will improve your chances of success. Please remember though, it isn’t specific to losing one stone. It’s relevant to the first stone you lose, the last stone you lose and every single stone in between! Good luck on your journey and we hope you take this advice in the spirit it’s intended :)

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